Wave goodbye to smelly litter trays and messy floors!

I’m going to show you How To Potty Train a Cat™ in just two weeks!

Dear Cat Owners,

potty train your cat

Fed up with the pungent pong of cat pee that knocks you off your feet the moment you walk through the front door? Tired of sweeping cat litter from the kitchen lino before your family have time to trample it into the living room carpet?

Sampled every brand of cat litter on the market to find out if any of them actually do what they claim on the label? Wish you could do away with buying cat litter for good?

You’ve probably seen those fancy toilet-training kits that cost an arm and a leg. You may even have contemplated buying one, and then changed your mind after imagining your cat’s reaction when you got it home. But now’s your chance to ‘do-it-yourself’, with no need for special equipment and complicated procedures, and at a speed that suits both you and your pet.

Want to learn how? Then read on ...

Have I got a simple
step-by-step 2 week potty training
solution for you?


Fresh air and litter-free floors

A happy cat whose “party trick” will save you a fortune and impress your friends

The easy way to potty train your cat...

  • Wave goodbye to smelly litter trays for good.
  • Cheer up your cat no end! (Cats hate smelly litter too)
  • Save a fortune! (No more forking out for cat litter, litter trays and all those extra cleaning supplies. It soon mounts up to hundreds of dollars a year!)
  • Relieves tension and stress all round! (A breath of fresh air for you, your family and your pets)
  • No more little mishaps on the rug! (Leave home knowing your toilet-trained cat will use the toilet whenever nature calls.)

Want to dump that smelly litter tray for good?

Let me show you how!

cats using toilet

Hi, this is a picture of my cat, Tombi.

As you can see, Tombi is a happy cat, and one reason for this is that we potty trained him, so he doesn’t have to use a smelly litter tray.

Tombi and our other three cats are all toilet trained. So do more than 30 we have rescued. It’s something I learned to do when rescuing cats from the streets and finding them new homes. I’d noticed that many people said they’d love to have a cat, but were put off by the thought of the smell and all the cleaning. However, once I introduced them to my potty-trained cats, most people took them in without hesitation – and couldn’t wait to show their friends!

When I found homes for stray kittens that were too young to toilet train, I started giving the new owners photocopied instructions of what to do when their cat was old enough.

After receiving many thank-you messages with tales of toilet training success, I finally decided it was time to pass on my tried and tested toilet training techniques to the world at large. So here goes!


Potty Train a Cat™ A Step-by-Step 2 week program

A proven method, guaranteed to teach your cat to use the toilet in as little as two weeks!

Some of the Things you’ll discover in Potty Train a Cat™

  • Despite what many people think, your cat can be taught to do a number of things – especially if they make life easier (for your cat!). And, one of those things is to use the human toilet.
  • I’ll show you: how to prepare for training; the best time to start and how to manage your schedule.
  • You’ll find out what you should look out for before you decide to train your cat. You’ll be happy to learn that the very basic DIY equipment you need to train your cat will only cost you about 99 cents (a dollar at most).
  • You will be teaching your cat using a method that’s been tried and tested in rescue shelters on cats all ages.

In Just Two Weeks!

Mild box

For inspiration, here is Tombi, towards the end of second week… He is almost there. Read on for Tombi’s full training adventure.

Potty Train a Cat™ really works, no matter how old your cat or how long it’s been using a litter tray!

So the question you’re probably about to ask is:

How much will it cost me to get my hands on Potty Train a Cat™ ?

And, before I answer that, I’d ask you not to think of this as a cost at all.

You’re NOT spending money  here.


In fact, what we’re talking about is the amount of money you’ll save by not having to buy cat litter, a litter box or any of the cleaning supplies required to deal with the mess.

We’re not talking about a few dollars here.


Saving money is all very well, but, in addition, just imagine how much easier your life will be when your cat finally realizes that peeing on the toilet is far better than peeing anywhere else.

With Potty Train a Cat™ by your side, there will be...

  • NO MORE worry and no more stress!
  • NO MORE changing the litter box first thing in the morning (or at any other time of day)
  • NO MORE scooping out smelly spadefuls of cat litter soaked in cat pee mixed with cat poo and exposing yourself to all kinds of germs and worms and more besides.
  • NO MORE coming home to a house that reeks of cats. No more having to clean the litter box, wash it out and fight the losing battle to quell the smell or deal with other little accidents your cat may have had in his efforts to avoid the stinky litter tray.
  • NO MORE worries about inviting friends around because they can’t stand the smell of cat pee!

And so ... with all this information in mind ...

How much would you pay to learn a series of PROVEN TECHNIQUES guaranteed to train your cat never again to pee in a plastic tray or where you’d rather he didn’t?

How much would you pay to put an end to constant horrible smell in your home?

How much would you invest NOW to avoid paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the FORESEEABLE FUTURE for bags of litter?

Would you pay $500?

What about $300?

Considering you will EVER buy a bag of litter again, that would be an absolute bargain, right?

But don't worry. I would never ask anyone to spend anything like that kind of money...

because I genuinely want to help you...

I know only too well the stress and embarrassment that comes from owning a cat (or several) and all the smell and mess comes with it. And, I would hate to think of you (or your cat) suffering any longer than necessary.

For that reason – and for a limited period only – I'm making Potty Train a Cat™ available for...

That's right...

JUST $37!


This is a friendly easy going system for both the owners and the cats at all ages.

It is easy, it is instant! You will receive your digital copy within seconds of your order!

But that's not all...

As a thank you for ordering Potty Train a Cat™, I'm also going to give you these incredible bonuses, absolutely free!

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Cat lovers love to pamper their feline friends. They give their cats the best food, the most fashionable collars, and the best toys. It's a fact that most cats rule their owners, so when they turn up their noses at their food, what are we going to do? Start cooking! You cook for yourself and your friends, so why not cook for your loving companion. Pamper Your Cat shows readers how to prepare tasty and healthful treats and main meals for their cats.

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Let me summarize and review what you get when you take advantage of this incredible offer:

  • Cat behavior training
  • Cat door training
  • Cat training for sever weather
  • Cat training collar
  • Playing or fighting
  • Feeding and Training a Cat
  • Holiday training your cat
  • Training a cat to a new environment
  • Training a cat to do tricks
  • Training cats with nocturnal behaviors
  • Training a cat to hunt

And I haven’t finished yet!

To make it even easier, I am giving you...

Generous 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

60 days money back guarantee

If Potty Train a Cat™ doesn't work on your cat, you don't pay!

Sounds Good?

For ANY reason if you're not 100% satisfied with Potty Train a Cat™, then all you need to do is send me an email within 60 days of your purchase and I will refund every single penny, with no questions asked.

So give it a go, and order  Potty Train a Cat™ today for a full 60 days, money back gurantee purchase of this great eBook

So, it’s up to you...

Do really want to carry on forking out a fortune for tons of cat litter, cleaning out the litter tray every morning, noon and night (assuming you’re doing it right!) and fumigating the house when the ponging gets too much?

Or would you rather have a cat that knows how to use your toilet? A cat who’s in the toilet queue in front of you, and when it’s his turn, knows how to do his business in the bowl. And when he’s done, he looks behind to check that it’s okay, and then glances up as if to say, it’s all yours, I’m off for a nap – have a nice day!

The choice is yours...

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Great advice! Thank you all. I have heard cats using toilet, but I wasn't really conviced untill reading these instructions. We could follow it step by step and got there with no problem. Siyami enjoys his new private bathroom now. I am extremely happy with getting rid of stinky litter box and keep telling everyone to give it a go. You can now have clean and fresh homes and cat at the same time. Awesome!

I highly recommend Potty Train a Cat for all!!!! I have purchased another training set, couldn't get Papi to use it. I have since purchased your ebook and applied all the tips and tricks, it works! I was a bit apprehensive and went slow. It took little longer than 3 weeks. She is now 8 months old and fully potty trained. What a relief for everyone!!! Thank ou Potty Train A Cat!

We have three cats and occasionally cat sit for our friend's little ones. Despite all our care and effort, you wouldn't want to pass by the laundry especially in hot Queensland summer days. We eventually fed up with the mess and heavy smell, and decided to toilet train our cats. Our 4 years old Jack learnt the first. Then others followed him. It is a breeze! I am pretty much certified potty trainer for my friend's cats now! We have just helped one of our neighbour's cat to toilet train this month. Thank you everyone in potty train a cat! You are a legend!