Great advice! Thank you all. I have heard cats using toilet, but I wasn't really conviced untill reading these instructions. We could follow it step by step and got there with no problem. Siyami enjoys his new private bathroom now. I am extremely happy with getting rid of stinky litter box and keep telling everyone to give it a go. You can now have clean and fresh homes and cat at the same time. Awesome!

I highly recommend Potty Train a Cat for all!!!! I have purchased another training set, couldn't get Papi to use it. I have since purchased your ebook and applied all the tips and tricks, it works! I was a bit apprehensive and went slow. It took little longer than 3 weeks. She is now 8 months old and fully potty trained. What a relief for everyone!!! Thank ou Potty Train A Cat!

We have three cats and occasionally cat sit for our friend's little ones. Despite all our care and effort, you wouldn't want to pass by the laundry especially in hot Queensland summer days. We eventually fed up with the mess and heavy smell, and decided to toilet train our cats. Our 4 years old Jack learnt the first. Then others followed him. It is a breeze! I am pretty much certified potty trainer for my friend's cats now! We have just helped one of our neighbour's cat to toilet train this month. Thank you everyone in potty train a cat! You are a legend!